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When guests walk into your kitchen, one of the first things they notice are your cabinets. The choices you make reflect your style and decide the aesthetics of this vital part of your home. Whether you are designing a new kitchen or remodeling the existing one, Tulsa Kitchens Cabinets provides updates on the latest trends, news, and design ideas.

While Kitchen cabinets have existed for a long time, they have evolved from what they used to be. For example, there used to be a gap between your kitchen cabinets and the ceiling where you stashed things or displayed them. New Cabinetry design now stretches up to the ceiling, and this design trend gives the perception of a spacious home.

The kitchen drawers have also evolved over the years, and the latest designs now feature multiple tiers and dividers to make organization easier than before. Whether you want to store lots of miscellany stuff or separate the silverware, the improved kitchen drawers can help you keep things neat.

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Another important trend is the use of oak wood that’s coming back in popularity with driftwood and cerused finishes. They were a popular choice in the 1970s and 90s, and now they are making a comeback. The neutral color and simple texture give a rustic look to your home.

Another popular trend is to mask the microwave and refrigerator that may look out of the place in your kitchen. You can cover them up with a door that goes in sync with the design of your kitchen cabinets to get a more harmonious appearance.

The customers of today are not satisfied with the same monotonous designs. They want something unique that can create a bold statement and build a character.

Homeowners of today want to park their appliances in the cabinets for a tidier look, so the cabinetry design needs to incorporate places to keep your small appliances such as a mixer, juicer, coffee maker, and toaster.

Accessorizing the kitchen cabinets is also very much in-trend. Look for high-quality finishes using accents that look like fine furniture. You may try designs like arches, moldings, decorative corbels, and carved feet to take your kitchen style to a new height.